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Many aspiring low brass musicians are forced to buy expensive instruments, cannot afford lessons, and face few opportunities to master their instruments.

​We're here to change that.

Founded in November 2021, Low Brass Network (LBN) is a student-run organization with the primary goal of providing opportunities to low brass instrument students with the help of advisors. We strive to build a connected community of low brass players, provide free music lessons to push students to their potential, provide affordable instruments, and promote the playing of low brass instruments worldwide, especially in underserved areas.

By the Numbers
As of 2023, our volunteer and student network spans over 5,000 low brass players, covering all fifty states in the U.S. and 40+ countries. This represents a roughly 1500 percent growth in membership from 2022. Furthermore, these volunteers have provided over 10,000 free lessons this year.


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