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Kenneth Amis

World renowned composer-performer, Kenneth Amis, enjoys an international career of high acclaim. Mr. Amis began his musical exploits in his home country of Bermuda. He began playing the piano at a young age and upon entering high school took up the tuba and developed an interest in performing and writing music. A Suite for Bass Tuba, composed when he was only fourteen, marked his first published work. A year later, at age sixteen, he enrolled in Boston University where he majored in composition. After graduating from Boston University he attended the New England Conservatory of Music where he received his master’s degree in composition.

An active composer, Mr. Amis has received commissions from several institutions and music organizations. He has undertaken residencies with educational institutions ranging from middle schools through the collegiate level and was a founding member and on the Board of Directors for the American Composers Forum New England Chapter. In 2007 he was Composer-in-residence at the South Shore Conservatory in Massachusetts.

Audiences around the world have enjoyed Mr. Amis’s music through performances by such groups as the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Academy of Music Symphonic Winds, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the National Arts Center Orchestra of Ottawa. In 2003 Mr. Amis became the youngest recipient of New England Conservatory of Music’s “Outstanding Alumni Award.”

As a tuba player, Mr. Amis has performed as a soloist with the English Chamber Orchestra and has been a member of the Tanglewood Festival Orchestra and the New World Symphony Orchestra. His performance skills are showcased on many commercial records distributed internationally.

Mr. Amis has served on the faculties of Boston University Tanglewood Institute, the Trombones de Costa Rica International Festival in Costa Rica and the Pacific Music Festival in Japan.

Mr. Amis is presently the tuba player of the Empire Brass and the Palm Beach Opera Orchestra and a performing artist for Besson instruments.

Mr. Amis performs on a Besson 981 Eb tuba and a Rudolf Meinl 5/4 CC tuba.

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