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Tenor Trombone

Dunwoody Mirvil.jpg

Dunwoody Mirvil

Louise Anna Pollock.jpg

Louise Anna Pollock

David Jackson.jpg

David Jackson

Michael Desson.jpg

Michael Desson

Lauren Rudzinskas.jpg

Lauren Rudzinskas

Natalie Mannix.jpg

Natalie Mannix

Deb Scott.jpg

Deb Scott

Bill Haugeberg.jpg

Bill Haugeberg

Emmy Rozanski.jpg

Emmy Rozanski

Brett Baker.jpg

Brett Baker


Timothy Maines

Jeff Phillips.jpg

Jeff Phillips

Will Porter Headshot.jpg

Will Porter

Bradley Edwards.png

Bradley Edwards

Zsolt Szabo.jpg

Zsolt Szabo

Jacques Mauger.jpg

Jacques Mauger

Mark Kellogg.jpg

Mark Kellogg

Oscar Diaz.jpg

Oscar Diaz

Larry Zalkind.jpg

Larry Zalkind

Paul Von Hoff.jpg

Paul Von Hoff

Brittany Lasch.jpg

Brittany Lasch

Scott Hartman.jpg

Scott Hartman

Jason Hausback.jpg

Jason Hausback

Jacob muzquiz.jpg

Jacob Muzquiz

Bass Trombone

John Rojak.jpg

John Rojak

Martin McCain.jpg

Martin McCain



Matthew Guilford.jpg

Matthew Guilford

Clayton Yoshifuku.png

Clayton Yoshifuku

Jemmie Robertson.jpg

Jemmie Robertson


Russ Zokaites 

Jazz Trombone

christopher bill.jpg

Christopher Bill

Conrad Herwig.jpg

Conrad Herwig

Chris Washburne.jpeg

Chris Washburne


Carol Jarvis

jim lutz.jpg

Jim Lutz

Howard Levy.jpg

Howard Levy

Ryan Keberle.jpg

Ryan Keberle

Ido Meshulam.jpg

Ido Meshulam

Bruce Tychinski.jpg

Bruce Tychinski


Adam Frey.jpg

Adam Frey

Bente Illevold.png

Bente Illevold

David Thornton.jpg

David Thornton

Algirdas Matonis.jpg

Algirdas Matonis

Trent Hamilton.jpg

Trent Hamilton

Corentin Morvan.png

Corentin Morvan

David Loucky.jpg

David Loucky

Danielle VanTuinen.jpg

Danielle VanTuinen

Clément Goy.jpg

Clément Goy

Fernando Deddos.jpg

Fernando Deddos


Mark Thiele.jpg

Mark Thiele

Chris Combest.jpg

Chris Combest

Shawn Crowther.jpg

Shawn Crowther

Tony Clements.jpg

Tony Clements


Kenneth Amis

Jung Moo Lee.jpg

Jung Moo Lee

Scott Roeder.jpg

Scott Roeder

Ben Thomson.jpg

Ben Thomson

Gene Pokorny.jpg

Gene Pokorny

Ed Risinger.jpg

Ed Risinger


Johan de Meij.jpg

Johan de Meij

Steven Verhelst.jpg

Steven Verhelst


Slokar Trombone Quartet.png

Slokar Trombone Quartet

UNG Low Brass Collective.jpg

UNG Low Brass Collective

Eastman Trombone Choir.jpg

Eastman Trombone Choir

Slide Attack.jpg

Slide Attack Jazz Quintet


UNT Euphonium and Tuba Quartet

Disclaimer: Those on this list are performers, judges, and/or presenters at the 2023 International Low Brass Festival and/or Competition. Some may be alternates who will only be present in the event of an unexpected number of competition entries. Also, under unexpected circumstances, some on this list may not be unable to attend.

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