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Low Brass Competition

Brought to you by the Low Brass Network, the International Low Brass Competition will have low brass players worldwide compete to show their merit and ability with their respective instruments. Ensembles, soloists, and composers are both able to compete. Along with a Youtube video of the performance, ensembles and soloists must send sheet music to the judges, except that the repertoire in question is a typical excerpt available in the public domain. Composers must send in a MIDI recording and sheet music of the composition. The solo recordings for the first round of the competition are due on March 15th. Ensemble and Composition entries are due on April 1st. You can purchase tickets at Events.

Fill out this form if you want to participate and require an entry fee waiver:

Process: Solos

Soloists must go through three rounds of elimination before winning their respective divisions. In each round, judges will provide scores to each soloist; these scores are used to decide which soloists will be eliminated from proceeding to the next round. Not that scores are individual for each round and do not carry over from the previous.

In the first round, soloists can play any piece of their choosing (not in the second round repertoire), with the piece having a maximum length of 10 minutes. Some soloists will then be eliminated before the remaining proceeds to the second round. In this round, the soloists must pick pieces from the Low Brass Network's repertoire, which lasts around 10 minutes. Again, more soloists will be eliminated, and the remaining will proceed to the third and final rounds. The soloists will pick another piece they have not previously played, with the required length increasing to around 15 minutes. 

Process: Ensembles

The ensemble competition consists of one round. Ensembles must consist of two or more members. The ensemble competition will only consist of one round, but auditions are due around one month after the first round of the solo competitions. The entire ensemble must be visible in the recording. If one enters their ensemble, the oldest member determines the division that the ensemble will be placed into.

Process: Composition

The composition competition consists of one round. Ensembles must consist of two or more members. The competition will only consist of one round, but auditions are due around one month after the first round of the solo competitions. The work must be finished sometime during the year 2022 up to the competition's deadline. Any compositions created before the date are ineligible. The time limit for the composition is 10 minutes. The composition needs to feature low brass instrument(s) in some way. Be creative!


Contestants may compete in as many categories as there apply to them.

The following are reasons the Low Brass Ensemble will immediately disqualify a solo or ensemble application while judging. In the event of a disqualification, we will provide a reason to the contestant.


  1. Talking or coaching is heard during the recording

  2. Digitally altering a recording (ex: the use of auto-tuning, etc.)

  3. Wrong solo or excerpt is played

  4. Solo is missing sections requested

  5. A metronome is heard during the solo

  6. Track/Recording Blank

  7. Any form of accompaniment is present 

  8. Wrong instrument is being played 

  9. Solo or ensemble recording was not created between the audition period

  10. All pieces/movements must be recorded in more than one take with splicing/trimming involved

  11. Any other reason Low Brass Network may deem reasonable


All judges' decisions are final and not open for argument. The Low Brass Network is not responsible for linguistic misinterpretations of the provided submission instructions.


Soprano trombone for the youngest contestant, valve trombone for the oldest contestant!

The prize pool will be worth roughly $25,000 USD for every 1,000 people that sign up!

Various prizes include subscriptions, mutes, instruments, mouthpieces, and much more!

denis wick-600x315_edited.png
Screenshot 2022-01-09 9.08_edited.png


Tenor Trombone A (0-15)

Tenor Trombone B (16-20)

Tenor Trombone C (21-25)

Tenor Trombone Open


Jazz Trombone A (0-18)

Jazz Trombone B (19-25)

Jazz Trombone Open


Bass Trombone A (0-18)

Bass Trombone B (19-25)

Bass Trombone Open


Euphonium A (0-15)

Euphonium B (16-20)

Euphonium C (21-25)

Euphonium Open


Tuba A (0-18)

Tuba B (19-25)

Tuba Open


Young Ensembles (19 and under)*

Open Ensemble Competition*


Young Composers (19 and under)*

Composition Open*


*Only one round

Competitions that are only one round are due by April 1, 2023

Competition Schedule

All promotions released at same time along with competition entries, tickets, and merchandise
1st round competition videos due, judging begins
2nd round begins
2nd round competition videos due, judging begins
Finalists decided, championship round begins
Championship round videos due, final judging
Winners announced (All-World Ensemble practicing begins)
Festival begins
Festival ends

Composition and ensemble competitions only have 1 round, so the videos are due on April 1, 2023 and winners will be announce
d on June 15, 2023
*Under unexpected circumstances, dates may be slightly altered

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