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All-World Ensembles

The All-World Ensembles will feature performances from the top performers of the Low Brass Competition. Soloists who make it to the championship round qualify for the all-world ensemble in their respective age groups.

The All-World Ensembles will be divided into 4 Categories:

Concert Low Brass (The best young players from across the world)

  1. Tenor Trombone A

  2. Jazz Trombone A

  3. Bass Trombone A

  4. Euphonium A

  5. Tuba A

Low Brass Symphony (Best college students/young adults)

  1. Tenor trombone B/C

  2. Jazz Trombone B

  3. Bass Trombone B

  4. Euphonium B/C

  5. Tuba B

Low Brass Philharmonic (The best players in the world)

  1. Tenor Trombone Open

  2. Jazz Trombone Open

  3. Bass Trombone Open

  4. Euphonium Open

  5. Tuba Open

Low Brass Network Ensemble

(Allowing for underprivileged students to have the opportunity to perform on the world stage) 

Highest scores out of players in need of financial assistance

The soloists who make it be sent a low brass ensemble piece to work on shortly after the announcement date. They will receive clinics from the top low brass players worldwide to work on the piece. After that, they shall record themselves playing their part in the piece. The videos will be compiled and displayed at the International Low Brass Festival to be viewed worldwide.

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