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Letter from Executive Team:


As we wrap up another year at Low Brass Network, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who played a vital role in making 2023 a success. Your passion, dedication and generosity to the world of low brass will continue to impact our community.


To Artists and Composers,


Your talent and insights have inspired countless individuals within our network. We are immensely grateful for the inspiration, advice, and captivating performances that you have brought to our low brass community. We constantly receive messages from excited students, emphasizing how well you demonstrate to them what is possible through low brass. Special thanks to Adam Frey, Lauren Rudzinskas, Emmy Rozanski, Steven Verhelst, Johan de Meij, and Louise Anna Pollock for being especially helpful.


To our Volunteers,


Behind every event and every lesson, there is a large network of volunteers. From the secondary and university level students teaching lessons, to our advisory board, to those who help with our events, and to those who helped out our cause at any point, you are what makes Low Brass Network, a network. Your hard work and commitment in the past year did not go unnoticed. Your contributions have been nothing short of invaluable, and we could not have done anything without your support.


To our Sponsors and Partnering Organizations,


Your belief in our mission and financial support have been the backbone of our endeavors. Your awareness and commitment to improving the opportunities for low brass players have allowed us to expand our reach and impact. We are thankful for your partnership and the opportunities they have provided, whether monetarily or through other means of support. Special thanks to Richard Galime and Brett Baker for working with us through every step of this process.


To our Donors,


Your generosity has made it possible for us to continue our mission. Your financial contributions have directly supported our outreach programs, lesson costs, instrument donations, the festival, and the overall growth of LBN. Your belief in our cause fuels our determination to continue building a space for all who share a passion for low brass.


With all this and more, we look forward to everything to come in 2024!

Below is the annual report for 2023:

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